Interview with The Arisen


Last week our team of The Purgatory had the opportunity to interview one of the members of the French band The Arisen, which tells us a little about the band and their new EP “Rising Times”.

Let’s start with the origins of the group. You guys are a very new formation with just one album, ”Rising Times”, that dates from this very year… How was the beginning and what ideas were what prompted you to found the band?

Sylvain: The project came out at the end of Kenvin’s (drums) and Jordan’s (guitar & vocals) past band Dead Talking Mind (Thrash-Death metal). This band, created in 2007, split in 2012 when the two other members left. Kevin and Jordan decided to form a new band together and to turn over Progressive Death metal. Then The Arisen was born, and in 2014 they recruited me, Sylvain (bass & vocals) and Clément (guitar & vocals) to complete the formation.

From where emerge the name ”The Arisen”?

Sylvain: It’s actually funny that you use the term “emerge” to describe our name. “The Arisen” is a made-up word from the english verb “arise” that describes something which suddenly emerge from nothingness. It can be translated in french with the word “la survenue”. A complete and imprevisible arrival of something into existence. This is a concept which the band started from. It pleased us all, and we thought it appropriate to be translated into Progressive Death metal. We try to use this concept as a background for our music, in both terms of lyrics and songs.

I understand that some of the members have a lot of experience in terms of the metal scene… You guys still keep some of the influences of their old bands?

Sylvain: I think Thrash metal, Death metal, Melodeath elements are pretty discernable in our music, and that surely come from the bands we were/are part of before/beside The Arisen. In terms of drums our drummer Kevin started with jazz/experimental music formation, and in my opinion this is a important part of his playing style.

Have you had any influence from other groups of the same genre or other?

Sylvain: We are mainly influenced by bands from the Progressive/Technical scene, bands such as Necrophagist, Gorod, The Faceless, Beyond Creation, Ulcerate, Between The Buried And Me, Textures, Opeth… But we have our own personal musical sensibilities, that help us create the most varied blend we can, from Black metal to Death metal, without forgetting Thrash metal or Djent.

With which band you have always wanted to share stage?

Sylvain: Difficult to say ! There’s so much good bands out there, it’s really hard to pick one. I think if, one day, we could share stage with Between The Buried And Me or Opeth, then I could die in peace. (Laughs)

Now let’s talk about your music. In my opinion, your band it’s mainly Progressive Death Metal. But i want to know… How you guys describe the sound/style of ”The Arisen”?

Sylvain: I would say something both progressive, complex, melodic, and agressive. A french local webradio from Lyon, our hometown, described our sound as “a Progressive Death Metal between Necrophagist and Textures”. We thought this expression a rather good qualification. In my opinion, complexity is a thing, but the most important part is making music sound coherent in its entirety. I think that’s kinda the challenge of such styles, complexity without getting incoherent.

You always had clear how you wanted to sound, the genre and all that stuff or it just came to you on the process?

Sylvain: When the project started the style was clearly defined, even if it was in a rather broad sense, you can sense some differences between our single ”Apocalyptical Madness” and the EP ”Rising Times”. But the idea of writing Progressive Death metal with the main influences I quoted above was defined, yes.

Do you think that in the future the style of the band may change?

Sylvain: I don’t know, but bands always evolve. We’re playing a style that is not that old, and that means we would surely explore different horizons in the future. For now we’ve written only a single and an EP, and the process differs from writing an album, what we’re going to do in 2016. We’ll surely define more our style in the future, and that includes trying new things.

How was the recording process of ”Rising Times”?

Sylvain: Very chaotic… It took more than 3 years ! (Laughs). Songs were mainly composed by Jordan and Kevin when their started in 2012, and when we joined Clément and I brought our contribution. We decided to record it from home, each on our side. Shots were re-amped by Lasse Lamerte at LSD Studios, and Kevin handled the mastering.

If you had to choose just one song of the seven tracks from ”Rising Times”… What would be, and why?

Sylvain: Without doubt, “Halfway From The Sun”. It is the central, most progressive and longest track of the EP, and contains a real blend of our influences, developed throughout the song. It is one of most enjoyable to play, in my opinion.

What you guys think about the metal scene in the actuality? It has enough support from the ”fans”?

Sylvain: It depends on lot of things… It’s difficult to compare the current metal scene with the past ones, the contexts are not the same. Maybe it was easier to set up shows, it’s sometimes difficult now for promoters, or even bands themselves, to organize gigs and to make people actually go to shows. Maybe metal music became more precise, the community evolved and became broader, and then fans are choosing the bands they wish to see more precisly too. It’s difficult to say that it is simply good or bad, I think.

What would you say to someone who has never heard your music?

Sylvain: If they want to hear something agressive, melodic, technical and progressive with astonishing drum lines and audacious time signatures, we’re made for them. (Laughs)

Now that you are starting your tour… Do you have any particular place where you would like to play someday?

Sylvain: The Royal Albert Hall maybe ? I thought I heard that the coffee here is horrible.

Finally, what message would you give to younger bands that are starting to make music?

Sylvain: Simply to be pragmatic, to define objectives if they want to, to be honest with themselves and above all to enjoy playing music. Music without fun is worthless!

Thanks to The Arisen for taking the time to answer our questions.


Kevin Paradis – Drums

Jordan Bonnevialle – Guitars

Sylvain Colon – Bass

Clément Marion – Guitars


Where you can find The Arisen?:

Acerca de Astaroth66

Trve Kvlt!

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