Hello.  We are Rachel and Olga, from The Purgatory Radio blog .  I would like to thank you straight away for taking the time to do this interview.

1.Let’s started. Thyrfing spent many years in the metal scene. Tell us. How was the beginning and what ideas were what prompted you to found the band ?
– Around that time we were 16-17 years old and had some minor experiences from playing and some other bands going on … Thyrfing started as a project where we all switched instruments and just fooling around at the rehearsal place basically … which is how many bands where formed back then I guess. We were all very impressed by Quorthon’s more epic Bathory albums like ”Hammerheart” and ”Twilight of The Gods” along with the current Norwegian BM scene (the atmospheric part of it influenced by nature and Paganism, rather than the Satanic then …). So that’s what we got most of the inspiration from, even though it was settled right from the start that synthesizers would have a big role in our sound.

2.Where does the name Thyrfing come from?
– It’s a sword from the Scandinavian mythology (most often spelled ”Tyrfing” or ”Tirfing”).

3.Have you noticed improvements since the change with the new members? For when a next album?
– That’s a hard question to answer, but in a way yes … I mean if someone leaves the band of their own will, it’s of course many factors playing a part of their decision, but I think some kind of lack of inspiration must be one of them … so if you bring new people in they’re going to add some fresh blood and motivation to the whole thing. So yes … it feels like we got a new push both when it comes to the playing and the attitude. I am not sure when there will be a new album … it’s always in the back of your head in some way, but there are no concrete timeline for it as of now.

4.Now let’s talk about your music. In my opinion, your band it’s mainly  Viking/ Pagan Metal. But i want to know… How do you guys describe the sound/style  of  ”Thyrfing”?
– I’ve always had a hard time to put a word or label onto our music. Maybe that’s a good thing? I know that we are most often put into this rather vague viking/pagan/folk/whatever metal genre, but I think that could be really anything music wise … everything from very dark and spiritual music into gimmick bands with funny hats and furs … so it doesn’t really describe the music that well. Our music is definitely in the field of ”extreme metal” but also has many diverse, atmospheric and even symphonic elements. Also I think after 20 years most people has heard our band a few times and can make their own opinion, therefor it’s not that important to try to put it into words.

5.Do you think that the recent interest on Viking topics is just a trend or something fashionable? Where do you think this passion for viking  mythology and History comes from?
– There has been many bands around for the last 20-25 years using this concept for lyrics and themes, so I would not call it a trend or fashion. It is an interesting topic with a very strong imagery that suits well with both the aggressive and the more atmospherical parts of the music.

6.Are there any bands of this style that impress you?
– As I said earlier, the epic Bathory albums are of course milestones for everyone … but there are of course good bands around today like Primordial, Moonsorrow, Ereb Altor for instance.

7.Is there any Spanish band that has impressed any of you?
– I am sorry if you find this disappointing, but I’m afraid there isn’t a single Spanish band in my record collection or that I would consider myself a fan of. But I hope someone can surprise me and change that in the future 🙂 

8.You are now in Spain to undertake the promotion of your latest work, released in 2013. How did you get involved into composing “De ödeslösa”? How much time did you spend on the songs?
– The album was not written non-stop during a certain period of time, but I’d say it was written ever since the release of ”Hels vite” in late 2008 up to the recording in the end of 2012. Usually you add some bits and pieces all the way until the actual recording starts.

9.Who was responsible for the lyrics in this álbum and where do you get your inspiration from? Which would you say are the main topics treated in your lyrics?
– Actually, every single member contributed in some way to the lyrics on this one, but just as on the last album the majority was written by me, Jocke and Jens. The inspiration comes from pretty much anything and everything I’d say … at least for me personally. Through the years most of our lyrics have been using the Scandinavian mythology as a base for the lyrics when it comes to imagery, metaphors etc. Some of them have been purely based on myths and stories from there too (mainly on the first albums though), while lately the lyrics might have a more personal meaning and content, still written with the same language and symbolism.


10.On a related note, most of Thyrfing’s lyrics are in Swedish. Why does the band choose to sing primarily in their mother tongue?
– I think it suits it really well, with the topics we’ve been using. Also I find myself a lot better in writing lyrics in my mother tongue comparing to my 2nd language (English …). Finally I think it gives the sound and atmosphere a unique and original touch comparing to using English language, which is by far the most recognized in rock and metal music. Of course it’s a bit of a shame that 95% of our fans doesn’t understand the lyrics, but still it seems like many people who don’t know Swedish appreciate it.

11.Which song is your favorite one to play live? Which song do you find is the most challenging one to play live?
– Hm, that’s hard to answer … but if you ask me today I’d say ”Från stormens öga” and ”Sweoland Conqueror” are my current favorites. 

12.Now that you are starting your tour… Do you have any desire to play in Spain?
– Yes of course, we are really looking forward to it! It’s just a shame it took us 20 years to get here … 

13.What do you guys think about the current metal scene? Do you thinks it receives enough support from the “fans”?
– Well, I try to keep up-to-speed and check out new releases, but I have to admit that nowadays it’s becoming more and more of bands that already know, who are releasing new music than discovering new bands … but it also happens. Music is still my biggest passion in life, even though I don’t live it 24/7 like I used to do in my youth with doing fanzines, tape trading etc. Of course the game has changed a lot during the years due to technology and new ways of enjoying music, but it seems the amount of fans for the scene are growing, even though they are not buying albums anymore, but certainly more people are showing up for concerts.

14.What are you planning for the next years?
– We will certainly try to make a good selection of shows, as we use to do, even though no extensive touring is to be expected. Also we will hopefully work on and complete a new album.

15.Finally, what message would you like to younger bands that are starting to make music?
– Enjoy the ride! Those who are meant to do it, will stick to it no matter what. The rest will move on.



Thank you for this interview!!


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